Monday, September 25, 2006

Where are the Good People?

By John Ross Harvey

There was a time when people could say “Hi.” To a stranger
But never, if you were a child.
There was a time when everyone obeyed signage
Today ignorant people park in fire lanes
And steal handicapped spaces
Or straddle the lines to give their vehicle space!
An Exacto blade could fix these people in a hurry
To either the tires or the paint job
Have fun explaining that to the cops.
A turn signal is a courtesy that drivers should use
So other drivers understand their intentions
Today I was practically driven into by a
Moron in a Neon that wanted to turn
Left from a right lane
The only reason we’re both not dead
Is because I am a way better driver
I know how mirrors work
And I hate silver grey cars
Being hit by one would have proved my
Opinion on their lack of visibility
Good people don’t try to kill strangers
Good people say “Hi!”
Good people can signal, and can read
Good people carry Exacto blades for emergencies

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