Friday, September 22, 2006

The In Crowd

By John Ross Harvey

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known somebody
If they have a status that makes them feel important
They do not share that importance with just anyone
They have their friends
The In Crowd
What is the In Crowd?
People that suck up to the boss
People with no backbone
People that answer “Yes” all the time
I’m not in the In Crowd
I might be in the Out Crowd but I’m not sure
I move the scissors beside the fridge
Because they are for cutting milk bags
That are located in the fridge
The In Crowd must believe that the scissors
Should be in the basket full of paper packages
Which is where I find the scissors
Before I put them where they’re supposed to be
Near the fridge where milk bags need cutting
Not in the bare hand easily ripped paper package basket
The In Crowd just had a wine party
I like wine, I didn’t get any
I’m not in the In Crowd
I’m happy being different
The In Crowd is not worth being in.

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