Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Multiple Meanings

By John Ross Harvey

The English language is a funny thing
Two words can be spelled the same, sound different,
But mean something entirely different,
Or have more than one meaning.
Close or Close
Close that door or
You’re too close.
Same spelling, different sound, different meaning.
They are Nuts to some but are properly called Legumes
It’s a small amount of Money
It’s a cartoon strip
It’s a reference to a small…
More meanings, same sound.
Wound or Wound
You were wound up, or you wound it up.
It’s a small flesh wound.
Very different meaning, different sound, same spelling.
Jerk or Jerk
He’s a big Jerk
Let’s have Jerk Chicken
Different meaning, same sound and spelling.
File or File or File
You filed it under that name.
You stood in single file.
You cut it with a file.
Same word, same sound, different meanings

So the next time somebody whose English
Is their second or third language or more
Doesn’t sound like they understand English

There’s a very good reason!

Give them a break they have much more
Than these examples to try to comprehend.
And they didn’t have the 30+ years you did
To get it quite as poorly as yourself.

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