Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baseball Can't Take the Rain

By John Ross Harvey

In several levels of Auto Racing rain is part of the sport
In fact many rain-affected races are far more exciting.
In Football, at least in the CFL, games continue in Snow or even Fog
A little rain never hurt that game
Now Hockey and Basketball are indoors so they have no excuses
But Baseball refuses to play in the rain
Are they afraid of the Mud?
They get dirty anyway in a dry game
It can’t possibly be because of the Laundry bill
Are they afraid of Hypothermia?
Perhaps rain in October is colder, but it’s not snow.
Rain delays are pathetic
If you dare to call your championship a World Series
You should at least be able to deal with the weather
Put on raincoats, I don’t really care how you play
But play the game; people have paid to see.
Do you think the fans are afraid of the rain?
You are not a world-class outdoor sport,
Until you can handle the rain.

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