Monday, October 16, 2006

10 Things Wrong with GTA Drivers

By John Ross Harvey

These are listed in No prioritized order, they are all wrong.

1. Grey Cars, Grey Roads, Grey Skies, No Lights! NO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Directional Deficit Disorder: Why pass on left to exit at next right????????
3. Lost Lane Losers: Is the picture of the lane ending not enough for you?????
4. Intersection Blockers: If you don’t fit; don’t be a twit!
5. READ A ROAD SIGN: “School Zone” does not mean speed up. “Do Not Block Intersection” does not mean go ahead and block it.
6. Red Light Runners: When you are three cars back going left, it’s NOT OK TO TURN!
7. Weather: Defroster Lines, and Snow do not make visibility good.
8. Lane Hoppers: Guaranteed you will be behind the first guy you passed at the next red light.
9. Parked Car Passing: People do not park in the LEFT LANE. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Fire Lane Parking: Me Society Morons deserve to be TOWED!!!!!!!!

Improving on these 10 things will greatly improve your commute and your anger.

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