Friday, October 06, 2006


2nd annual posting

By John Ross Harvey

American and Canadian Thanksgivings differ
They have it in November
We have it in October
They have it on Thursday (who knows why?)
We have it on Monday (long weekend of course)
They celebrate the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock
We celebrate the harvesting of food
They eat turkey
So do we
We stuff ourselves 3 weeks before Hallowe’en
They stuff themselves 3 ½ weeks after Hallowe’en
They watch NFL football games
CFL doesn’t play on Monday; it’s a long weekend!


Sean Carter said...

Hey you can find a lot more amazing facts at this Thanksgiving Blog. Check out all the cool info there....

Anonymous said...

Americans celebrate on Thursday for the long weekend. We have Friday off.

John Ross Harvey said...

Well thanks for making this less funny. Enjoy your time off, whoever you are.