Tuesday, November 07, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent ad campaign
For the Toronto Star
Ask Why?
Well, on that theme I have a few whys
Why does nobody understand the concept of the bar on a checkout conveyor?
Why does McDonald’s have two speakers when they use one?
Why do people never put their headlights on?
Why do they let people buy more than 8 items at the express checkout?
Why are tea drinkers discriminated regularly?
It’s always: “Do you want Coffee?” Never ask about tea.
If they have Vegetarian Pizza, why not Carnivore Pizza?
OK, they sell it, but they call it Meat lovers, or Meat supreme.
Why do people buy condos? Half the building has the bad view!
Why don’t “drivers” read road signs?
This lane ends, in word or picture format is apparently unreadable.
Why do “drivers” not pull over for Emergency Vehicles?
Someone might die because of their delayed reaction.
Why does North York salt the roads during flurries?
Why don’t we use sand instead?
There are less rust possibilities that way.
Why does a Cold take forever to get rid of?
Why are commercials getting worse?
Why did Faith Hill say “WHAT????” at the CMA’s?
Why do hairs grow in your nose and ears, when it doesn’t on your scalp?
Why is the worst customer service, the richest company in the world?
Why does Vaughan have grocery stores out the wazoo and no hospital?
Why did Corner Gas have Hank do a blog?
Because we need to know WHY!

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