Friday, November 10, 2006

Life's Trials

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By John Ross Harvey

Hi, how’re you all doing?
Any parents here tonight?
I have two kids, boy, and girl, Million-dollar family.
It costs that much, you don’t make that much!
You know TOYS R US,
Kids favourite place, and Visa’s, but not parents.
Anyone here happy with the price of gas?
No, of course not it was 89.9 today!
It should be 69.9! Yeah! That was too high a year ago, now it’s a sale!
If I were in power to change that, gas would be 49.9 forever.
Like that? Yeah, you do, you drive an SUV!
Seriously Ugly Vehicle. Sucking Ungodly Volumes (of Fuel).
Since you know I have kids, you may wonder if I’m married.
I am.
If you’re watching the Discovery channel, and going along with the explanations of planets and stars,
You’re wife says; “ How do they know? They don’t its just a guess!”
OK I’ve watched Star Trek and Star Wars and the real thing looks cool to me.
Whether you know it or not, Space looks like a cool place to visit.
You never have to leave because it’ll take 50 lifetimes to see it.
If you believe the Discovery Channel.

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