Monday, November 13, 2006

Food Recalls

Not humour, only comment.

By John Ross Harvey

In the last several weeks
We’ve had recalls for of all things
And Chocolate Candy
E.coli in the carrots
A syringe found in a Ham
And Salmonella in Chocolate bars.
Doesn’t exactly make you want to eat anymore.
Does it?
These are 3 of the foods I actually eat.
Makes it much harder for myself to enjoy eating
When what I do eat could be harmful.
Foul play suspected?
I would think it’s more than a coincidence
That our food supply is being tampered with
Immediately before an Election
Someone is not happy with Government
And would kill innocents to convey their message
If you can’t speak up
Don’t take the cowardly road by harming the innocent.
Turn yourself in.

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