Friday, November 17, 2006

Barbie Doll Packaging

I post this as my daughter had a birthday party recently

By John Ross Harvey

How many silver twist ties are required
To hold a Barbie doll in cardboard?
Sure seems that way.
And sometimes you can’t find them
Because they are sandwiched between
Folded cardboard
And then the hair is threaded through
Clear plastic
And some of the ties go through
Plastic bars with holes in them.
Or worse yet, they are taped too!
I ask because my daughter must have
Every new Barbie that goes with each movie
Swan Lake, Rapunzel, and Pegasus etc.
And my wife and I have a years supply
Of silver twist ties from maybe 5 dolls.
Can you not just use that rub off glue
That balls up when you peel it?
It’d be a whole lot simpler.
I dread the release of the next DVD movie already.

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