Friday, November 17, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

It’s the American way
Win, or you’re a loser
Never it’s how you played
Or it’s the fun that counts
Just win, win, win, or lose.
I haven’t often won competitions
At least not physical ones
But I’m recently winning a virtual one.
Whatever do you mean by that?
Internet racing.
Sounds strange I know, let me explain.
You register, sign in, and then you choose
Formula 1 2006, 2002, 1986, or
BTCC Production or Touring, or
Champcar, or A1 GP, or
Aussie V8 series.
All except A1 have teammates.
You cooperate to setup your cars
With slider bar settings for various parameters
Like wings, tire pressures, anti roll bar etc.
The closer to perfect you get
With team mate cooperation
The better chance you will win.
Results are calculated every 24 hours for
Qualifying and Race results.
Here’s the new dilemma
How many wins does it take before
People playing with you
Begin to dislike you
For winning too much?
In one series I am winning a lot.
In another I’m not winning at all.
But the one I am winning a lot at
Is against a lot of top name players
I’ve won 4 of 11 races
7 other drivers including my teammate
Have won 1 race only.
I’m beginning to wonder if
This is bothering them
As I had no clue I’d be winning this much.
But I don’t know how to stop winning
If the game settings are allowing me to win.
What would you do to ease the grief
Of your competition?
Throw a race or two on purpose?
Thoughts please.

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