Monday, December 18, 2006

Parking Space Searching

By John Ross Harvey

It’s almost Christmas
You need to shop
Which means going to a mall
Where you need to park
Except finding a space is
Extremely difficult
A good portion by all the
Christmas trees they’re selling
And many more by people that
Park poorly
So you’re left with one option
Find someone walking and
Stalk them to their car
To get a space
Usually 1400 miles from the door
But there is a dilemma
In this strategy
That person could be paranoid
That you’re a psycho axe murderer
And getting to their car
Will be the last thing they ever do
So they intentionally walk through
Three or Four lanes of
Parking spaces to piss you off
And lose your tail
Honestly just drop off the family
At the door and meet them 5 hours later
When you find a spot from
Someone that isn’t paranoid.

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