Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Whine Cellar

By John Ross Harvey

My favourite radio station
Has a segment they like to call
Wednesday Whine Cellar
Where you can gripe about what bothers you
Be it traffic, work, neighbours, or whatever.
Understandably I gripe about traffic often on here
I’m probably the biggest user of the
Wednesday Whine Cellar
But as I have changed my commute route
Many times to avoid the problem areas
I am starting to see less traffic problems
Or at the very least, fewer areas where they occur.
I still see many traffic issues that require attention.
Drivers running with 4-way hazard lights
If you’re turning, turn the hazards off so
We know which direction you’re headed.
Parked car passing is a disease; get medical attention
I understand neurosurgery works.
Blocking intersections with or without a sign
That says “Do Not Block Intersection”
Is apparently still beyond most motorists
Ability to comprehend
Apparently Eyeballs and Brains don’t mix well with them.
Transport truck operators need to prevent their trucks
From leaving the yards covered in ice and snow
500 square feet of ice flying off a trailer can kill.
Don’t allow it to happen!
Every snowstorm the identify stupidity challenge becomes easier
As the majority of motorists, I refuse to call drivers
Have snow covering all areas of their vehicle.
With barely a defroster line or a wiper swipe to see out of.
This is dangerous practice.
You are endangering people’s lives by being lazy.
2-5 minutes to make your vehicle safe is worth a few lives.
If you have a gripe to get off your chest
Country 95.3 will listen
Listen live at
And call in.
I can’t be the only one speaking with reason.

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