Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hell Isn't Fire, It's Ice

By John Ross Harvey

I’m not here to denounce the Bible
But let’s put things into perspective
Many believe Hell to be Fire and Brimstone
Extreme heat
Capable of a very deep tan
But more likely a Sunburn
In all honesty
Is that worse than a Deep Freeze?


Hell isn’t hot; it’s frozen.
Snowball’s chance in Hell

That’s actually pretty good.

Need a new slogan.

As I have iterated for over a year now.
The Three Forces of Evil
Are covered with Snow

The scourge of Mankind
Followers of the Lord of Darkness
Are Motorists with zero ability
To understand the use of
A Snowbrush or
An Ice Scraper

Nothing suggests evil more
Than a Rolling Snowbank
Incapable of Full Vision
Through thin Defroster Lines
Or Wiper Blade Arcs

Satan, Mephisto, The Devil, The Lord of Darkness
Does not wear a Red Suit with a Pitchfork
He wears a Parka and Sorels

Are you more likely to fall ill in heat or cold?
What is the incurable disease?

A COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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