Monday, February 12, 2007

House M.D.

By John Ross Harvey

Are you a fan of House M.D.?
I am
Who could possibly like an egotistical jerk like him?
Well, he’s really just a fan of identifying stupidity.
Something I enjoy.
So I see a lot of me in Dr. House.
However, last week’s episode writers should be fired.
The episode was OK overall, but one scene bothered me.
House was driving a Mobile Snowbank.
You can’t tell me that a Super Intelligent Neurologist
Would ever choose to drive an Impaired vehicle!
If he were as smart as we think he is, he’d have cleaned the snow off!
OK, actually, he’d probably tell Wilson to do it.
I do believe the actor is stupid enough to drive that way.
You always hear about actors in car accidents.
I simply do not believe HOUSE should be that stupid.
I’m producers are smart; they will change that scene for the DVD set.
That’s just my opinion, but I’m right.

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