Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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reprised for new Amazing Race All-stars

By John Ross Harvey

It is said that men possess charm
Women are sexy
Men have charisma
Women have a demeanour
So what is charm?
Who has it?
Well, if Survivor and Amazing Race are clues
None other than Rob Mariano, Bahstun Rahb,
The Robfather, Robinator, Don Mariano himself.
Millions of women noticed him on All stars Survivor
Millions more on Amazing Race
Yeah, he was strategically manipulative,
But he had a goal and used his tools to achieve that goal.
Charm being one of them.
Every woman craves the not so nice guy.
Sawyer on LOST is the stubbled, mean guy, with a heart for the ladies.
Almost every romance movie has the bad boy.
But not all of them win the girl.
Bahstun Rahb did.
Does that make him charming?
Well if you consider he was basically nobody two years ago
And now he got married on TV
I’d say that he does indeed possess charm.
Charming Happy Amazing Race Man
I think it fits.

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