Wednesday, February 21, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Let’s face it
MONEY makes the world go around
It shouldn’t
But it does.
Nothing is achieved in life
Without having money to pay for it.
In my youth (read early 20’s)
I was able to afford Race Driving Lessons
From Jim Russell Racing School
At Mont Tremblant Quebec
I was never able to pay to go racing after that
My best racing has been Charity Go-kart events
For Huntington’s Disease
Actually my best racing has been on the Internet
I am a 9-time champion
Once in 1986 Formula 1 and
Eight times in Champcars
But back to the point
Without money, my racing career doesn’t exist
In order to enter Driver Development
Which was funded by Players
You needed to be able to pay for your racing
And prove you could fit the program.
2 cars, 1 house, 1 wife and 2 kids later
And not in that order
I can afford pretty much very little
Beyond food on the table, and paid bills
Well some paid bills (Visa ouch!)
It would cost be about $2500 to publish a book of my material
It would cost about $25 to sponsor Batracer
I’d like to do both
But that would require me to have more money
Than I do
With RRSP season on, I have even less
As I have automatic withdrawals for those.
In twenty years those may be useful to me
But right now it’s really more than I can afford
Are you in the same boat?
Can your paycheck support a family of four?
Perhaps I need a 2nd job?
That would prevent me from watching TV
And like most Canadians, I cannot miss my shows.
So, how can I make more money?
If an audition in Montreal is possible and successful
I hope to be on the next Last Comic Standing
I’m not telling you when or where though
I want my place in line.
2 minutes may change my life.

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