Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night 2007

By John Ross Harvey

Like most people
I’ve seen 1 of the top 5 nominated movies
And since that 1 won
I may not have to see the others.
The Departed was the quickest 2-½ hrs ever spent at the cinema.
The awards may have been the longest 4-½ hrs ever spent.
Perhaps I’m not alone but I track the categories
With 3 options to win
Will Win, Should Win, and Could Win
Will and Should may be same movie, Could is always the dark horse
If any of my W, S, and C picks miss, they become Other
My 24 Category score was 10W, 6S, 4C, 6 Other
Departed took 4
Pan’s Labyrinth took 3, but not Foreign Film
All five movie nominations were not shut out
They had at least 1 or 2
CARS, which should have won Animated Feature and Song
Lost in Both
Inconvenient Truth won Documentary Feature and Song
Al Gore beats Larry The Cable Guy
The shadow dancers were incredible
Jennifer Hudson could care less about George Clooney
She just won an Oscar!

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