Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bizarre Happenings

By John Ross Harvey

My wife and I bought an exercise bike
An elliptical pedal and ski pole type thing
It’s been fun to use
But it’s not in perfect running order
The wires inside somehow do not
Record the data on the digital readout
Everything is “0” except your pulse
Which is a different wire
We took the cover off the wheel to see what’s wrong
But found nothing we could change
So we’re resorting to the toll-free service number
1-866-etc. etc.
Except that a message on that number says
“The number 416-etc. etc. is no longer in service
Please call 1-800-etc. etc. “
So my wife calls it, and it’s a pipeline company in B.C.
Somewhere along the lines
A phone number got messed up
I doubt very much that a pipeline company
Can fix my exercise bike.
I’ll let Canadian Tire figure it out.
My 90 days aren’t up yet.

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