Monday, March 26, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Everybody is on a diet
Low Fat
Low Carb
Low Salt
Low Sugar
Will Shatner-All Bran
I’m not on a diet
Perhaps I should be but I’m not
Low Carbs means no grains, and lots of meat
Liking the meat part, but no bread or pasta is unthinkable
Low fat, is yoghurt, I eat that, but it’s not a meal
Low salt, well if it has it, you eat it, if not, it qualifies
Low sugar, that’s simply insane!
Everything has sugar.
No sugar is absolute starvation.
That may shed the pounds off, but it won’t be pleasant.
I did do the Will Shatner All Bran diet before, and it worked
Until you can’t stand the taste of All Bran anymore.
I prefer the Eat what I want diet
If you want it, eat it.
That way you don’t starve on what’s missing.

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