Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Star Trek - Revisited

By John Ross Harvey

There isn’t a North American alive
That doesn’t know Star Trek
You have Kirk fans called Trekkies
And Picard fans called Trekkers
And Archer fans called….missing
I could call myself a Trekkie Trekker
I can…talk……….Captain……Kirk…does
Or prove I’m a bilingual Vulcan (show fingers)
If I could master the neck pinch
I might win more fights.
From the Picard point of view
I’m bald, so we look alike
I can fake a French accent too
But I have to bring up the main differences
Between Classic and Next Generation Star Trek
On an away mission, there was Kirk, Spock, Bones,
And a Red shirt
You know; the guy who’s going to DIE!
Now in Picard’s century on an away mission
He takes Riker and Geordi
What does he need an engineer for on the planet?
“Captain, the structural integrity of that tree branch is failing”
“Geordi to Enterprise, please beam down two titanium support columns.”
Do you not find it weird that Picard is wearing a Red Shirt?
Isn’t that wrong?
Last time I checked he doesn’t die.
They made a lot of improvements in one century
Better technology and less chrome
And no more instant death of Red Shirts
Klingons actually look alien instead of like bearded Kung fu guys.
Tribbles are no longer sold as pets.
Warp 10 is an order, not an impossibility
Make it so!

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