Friday, April 06, 2007

Country Music - Volume II

Country music –Volume II
By John Ross Harvey

I find a lot of humour in Country Music
There are of course comedians that fit the genre
Foxworthy, Engvall, Cable Guy, and Cletus T Judd
But I’m not talking about them
I’m talking about Chesney, Paisley and Keith
When they’re not singing ballads
Or in some cases Anthems
They sing about Drinking
Nothing funnier than a good drinking song
Keg in the Closet
Beer in Mexico
Beer for My Horses
I Love This Bar
And straight to the point Alcohol
A whole lot of alcohol going on in Country Music
Yet they almost never get charged with D.U.I.
At least not until they cameo on LOST
It’s almost a good thing teenagers hate Country Music
They might be taking our Beer and our Cds!

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