Thursday, April 05, 2007

America Got It Wrong! Gina Glocksen Deserved to Win!

By John Ross Harvey

Well they’ve really done it now
The Simon worshippers will keep his 3 favourites
Lakisha, Melinda, and Jordin
The Howard Stern mentally unstable population
Will continue to promote Sanjaya, and apparently Haley.
Both are still alive.
Not on singing talent
Simply by the Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst Brigades
Gina easily sang the best two performances bar-none
These last two weeks
The supposed Rocker girl, excelled at ballads
And was phenomenally good at the Standard “SMILE”
I have officially decided to never watch this show
For the rest of this season
I really could care less who wins
Simon’s trio may be great for Motown
But the general public needs a wider range of talent
The other vote stealing individuals
Know they are extending their stay well beyond the past due date
And it’s not their fault
End the madness
Stop watching!

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