Tuesday, April 03, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Most people are faced with choices in life
Usually it’s two choices
Coffee or Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla
Dinner or a Movie
Man or Woman
Single or Married
Drive or Transit
Work or Play
Funny or Not
But did you make the right choices?
Was buying a PC over a Mac really a good choice?
Was buying a Ford over a Honda really a good choice?
Audition or Not
Did I make the right choice?
Leno or Letterman
Conan or Ferguson
HGTV or the Weather Channel
Life is full of choices
Wine or Whisky
Pizza or Burgers
Diet or Not
Caffeine Free or Not
Carb Free or Not
Sugar Free or Not
Is it any wonder we’re all confused?
And wait staff wonder why menu reading takes so long.
Too many choices!
It’s more than two.

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Nilesh said...

Nice ones... got your link from batracer.