Monday, April 02, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Everybody has a job
Every job can be funny
I’m a draftsman
What’s funny about that?
My boss calls me by my email address.
So he yells “Jharvey!”
Who do I work for?
An Italian contractor
10 years without concrete shoes
I think I’m doing Ok
I work with Autocad
For people that know about it
It’s the Microsoft of the Cad industry
Upgrades are usually not useful
And cost too much
So they end up being pirated
To teach a layman how to use Autocad
Is a task in itself
There are exact coordinates using a tablet
Or relative coordinates using a mouse and keyboard
I use the latter
2, 2 is an exact coordinate of x, and y
@2<45 is a relative coordinate from a starting point
If the keyboard doesn’t shift when you type that
You’ll get 22, 45 which is an exact coordinate
Nowhere near where you wanted to be
Thankfully Autocad has a user friendly command

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