Thursday, May 31, 2007

Learning To Fly

By John Ross Harvey

It’s not everyday you get to see something special
Some fledgling baby Robins were in our back yard
We back on to a row of townhouses
So between our neighbours and the townhouse row
Is where the Robins were learning to fly
It suddenly made sense why the Father Robin was squawking
He was telling them to test their wings in flight
Unfortunately, they don’t earn their wings immediately
Unable to catch the eaves trough they fell to the next windowsill
We watched the 2 learning Robins hit windows and fall
And we winced each time
But then they fell and missed the windows
Both of them
Now we were worried
Soon we saw one try again
Apparently not hurt by the fall, perhaps stunned
And he fell again, ouch!
The night sky got dark and we couldn’t see them anymore
This morning one of the two stayed on the fence rail
Despite dad calling him to fly
Hopefully the other one is flying around, as I hadn’t seen it.
I’ll try to keep you posted on their progressJust felt I had to share my moment.

1 comment:

John Ross Harvey said...

The baby birds survived their falls
and have been flying ever since
though the baby waited an extra day