Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Truly Great Advertising

By John Ross Harvey

Truly great commercials are the kind
That makes you want to see more
Even if you’re not buying the product
Just so you can see what happens next
When I was younger
It was Bartles and James coolers
Those guys were a howl
Now recently are Solo cell phones
The main character of each commercial
Talks with one person, and gets call waiting
To talk with the next
And the cycle continues as you see the second person
Each commercial after that
Guy’s playing racquetball, calls his sister about mom’s birthday
Sister gets a call from mom as she changes the cake
Mom is vacuuming and calls her Canasta partner
Canasta partner is a plumber and gets a call from a client
Client lost his toupee down the sink and needs to call the girlfriend
Girlfriend gets a story about squirrels and a call about a clown
The party needing a clown calls the clown
The clown’s having coffee and wishing to play Shakespeare
As the girlfriend walks in the shop
I don’t know what’s next
But I want to know where it ends!!!!!

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