Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Alcohol Song

By John Ross Harvey

I’m not your average comic
I’m quite above average
Above 40
Above 180 lbs
Above my maximum credit limit
Like some comics though
I like Country music
Partly attributable to my age
And partly attributable to my lifestyle
What do most popular country songs sing about?
What adult over 40 doesn’t drink?
We have 5 o’clock somewhere
10 rounds of Jose Cuervo
Drinking Thinking
Whisky Lullaby
I Love this Bar
Beer for my Horses
And straight to the point Alcohol
And the lyrics are just as good as the drinks
If Brad Paisley hadn’t sung Alcohol
He could’ve used it as a stand-up routine
So let me try my hand at it

Smirnoff comes in Fire and Ice
Goes down smooth, tastes real nice
7% is way more than Beer
The drink I drink is a Vodka Cooler
Whisky’s smooth
Bailey’s is cool
White wine is sweet
Red wine rules

I'll keep my day job

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