Friday, May 11, 2007

Useless Points Programs and Contests

By John Ross Harvey

Everybody has a contest
Or a rewards program
Visa expects me to believe they’ll pay my bill
So are they going to pay at $10,000 or $10?
Tim Horton’s Rrroll up the Rrrim is usually not a winner.
I could use the Hybrid Camry or the Plasma TV
But I’m never going to get it
Then you have Gas Stations
Petro points, Esso Extra, Shell takes Air Miles
Sunoco takes CAA
Supposedly these points will be uselful to me someday
Presently I have several thousand points
Equivalent to about $10 max.
Everybody wants to think they’re getting more for their money
But are they?
How many people cash in these points?

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