Thursday, May 03, 2007

Village Collectors

originally published in TVCC newsletter about 2 years ago.

By John Ross Harvey

Our club motto has been, where houses find good homes.
You ask yourself what does that mean?
Are we are the only people capable of making homes for small houses?
Or are we just crazy enough to buy them in the first place?
No to first, and yes to second.
We really are crazy.
If someone asks us what we do, we say………
I collect houses.
This makes us sound like a real estate magnate.
I specialize in property acquisition.
No really I don’t
What do you mean?
I collect really small porcelain houses.
You can’t be serious, you collect toilets?
No I don’t collect outhouses, just small porcelain houses.
As you can see people’s grasp of this concept is difficult as best.
Suffice it to say, we do what we do, because we’re positively insane.
If you tell these people you collect tiny people and trees too…
They’ll think you’re positively certifiable.
Their loss.
I don’t mind being insane, as long as I have friends that are equally insane.
Ok, some are more insane than others, but we exist to co-exist.
At least now we can claim to be real estate magnates.
Eat your heart out Donald Trump.

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