Friday, May 04, 2007

TV Wonder Drugs

By John Ross Harvey

Have you noticed?
There are a lot of drugs being offered on TV
Medication for hair loss, arthritis, and everything else
Some don’t even tell you what they’re for
All of them say “Ask your doctor.”
Well if you can’t tell me what it is
How the heck is he supposed to know?
And then there are the disclaimers
May cause vomiting, diarrhea, dizzy spells,
Rapid eye movement, loss of mobility,
Loss of balance, temporary vision loss,
A bad taste in your mouth, should not be used
With other medications
Do not take while pregnant
Do not take while smoking
Do not take while drinking alcoholic beverages
Make sure you “Ask your doctor before taking…..”
Hair loss is usually a man problem
Most men are not capable of being pregnant
Yet hair loss medications offered on TV
Suggest not using while being pregnant.
I have hair loss
It’s called genetics
Or even life
Women may even find it sexy
Why would I submit myself to a drug
That may not want me to be pregnant?
I think I’ll pass.

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