Saturday, May 05, 2007

At The In-laws

By John Ross Harvey

I was on vacation one week
Staying at the in-laws
No cable, no internet
Barely any groceries
So in a word:
They had removed the wallpaper
In their bathroom
Which is little more than a tub,
A toilet, a sink, and
A foot path in between
We offered to paint for them as
That was next step
Being less than 7’ tall with sloped ceilings
That meant I worked while my wife watched
This is how most painting projects work
So I finish the first coat and go to clean up
I run the taps and try to take the paint out of the brush
And my hand just gets covered in paint
White paint
I’m becoming an albino
I’m thinking Latex is supposed to clean off with water
Then I read the can, its alkyd, which is Oil paint
Oil paint needs varsol, thinner, or turpentine
Do we have any?
Can you find it?
Luckily we did have thinner
So I just cleaned my hands
My arms still looked albino
Next step to putty over the imperfections
Then sand and paint the second coat
To see more spots I missed.

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