Sunday, May 06, 2007

Seeing Faces In Odd Places

By John Ross Harvey

You always hear these stories
Of people seeing faces
In their food, their houses, where they work
Could be a floor stain
Or a knot in some wood paneling
But most of these people say that
I have seen the odd face in various places
Usually the clouds
And even a floor stain
But while staying at my in-laws recently
I spotted a face in the trees
Their next door neighbour is up on a rocky hill
Near the top of that rocky hill
I saw a face
It looked like your stereotypical grey alien
With an afro
Don’t know what significance that has
Probably none
But if the tabloids need to pay me to find out
I’m good for receiving cash
If it wasn’t a grey alien
It could have been Jack Nicholson with a wig
Seeing how he’s bald now.
You be the judge.

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