Monday, May 07, 2007

No Prizes

By John Ross Harvey

The big coffee and donut company
Has a contest
You could win a car, a TV, an ipod
Or a coffee, or a donut
But 99% of the time you get
Play again/ Reassayez s.v.p.
The smaller coffee companies
Say win a prize everytime
I’m sorry I don’t need a phone card to Italy
Or a veggie slice of pizza
I want a car
Or a TV
Or an ipod
I just won’t get one
Because 99% of the time I get
Play again/Reassayez s.v.p.
You’d think this company as large as it is
Could afford to lose a few donuts
And have you win everytime.
I don’t even drink the coffee
I drink tea!
I’ll take a donut
My wife can have the coffee
I want a car, a TV, or an ipod
Give more prizes
I’m tired of paying $1.50
And getting
Play again/Reassayez s.v.p.

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