Monday, June 11, 2007

Bladder Control

By John Ross Harvey

The urge to go to the washroom is very different
Between Men and Women
In a School/Work environment
Women pair up with friends for trips to the W.C.
Men do not pair up.
They go when a need arises
However, more often than not
At those specific times of the day
Those men will see the same other men
In the washroom whenever they use it
In our workplace there are at least three
Men in our office that arrive at the washroom
Within minutes of each other, and myself
One suddenly realized he kept seeing me
So he joked that we must have identical bladders
Which may be so, even though he’s a foot taller
Coffee and Tea must have a certain time
That they remain in our bodies
Before forcing the urge to displace
Perhaps it was much easier as a baby when
Your diapers helped you out
You may learn if that’s true
When you develop a senior need
For Bladder Control
For now I’ll keep drinking Tea
And hope to not see the same people

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