Friday, June 08, 2007


A while ago, at March Break, read St. Patrick's Day, I was on vacation, but I wasn't being inactive. I went to Montreal for a reason, it was the only Canadian Stop for Last Comic Standing Auditions (Some of you may recall I took Comedy Writing Workshop at Humber in summer of 2004) Though I lined at 8:30 up in the morning and received a number for my potential audition then, We soon realised that TV takes its time. Having drawn number 76 of likely little over 120 numbers handed out, the other potential comedians and I, (many well established, like a recent member of Air Farce) (and some of those had preset invitation times for auditioning)
waited at the Starbucks on Avenue Du Parc most of the day,(not only is there a new language for ordering coffee, there is a call button to open the washrooms)
and found that number 20 was only done by noon. Our chances in the 70's were slim for 5:00pm The supposed cut-off time. The group I hung around with then went for lunch around 3:30pm Then we all went to the audition venue, Kola Note (which resides above a carpet store), and crammed the stairwell for the remaining time.
Auditions were now possibly extended to 6:30pm Number 52 was out by 4:00pm Looked like they were cutting people off after 90. Behind me, was a crazy old lady with a hubcap, we don't know why. Chances are she'll be on tv. About 6:00pm I took the stage Having been requested to state where we live and who we are I mentioned I live in the Ferrari fan capital of Canada without cheering for them, and I'm not dead. One judge had no idea what that meant. One judge was a McLaren fan like me. The other had trouble getting past my super powers, and joined me on stage so I could prove them to him. To understand what that means, you'll just have to watch. That makes me 99.9% certain I will be on TV. Unable to continue a routine, I was shuffled off as a mere freak of nature. You be the judge,... er another judge that wasn't them. If they don't air that (but I think they will), there was a lineup segment with a mounted policeman that I'm certain to be in. June 13th premiere

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