Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Punchbuggy No Punch Back

By John Ross Harvey

Everybody knows the game
See a VW bug, beetle, whatever you call it
And Punch somebody’s shoulder after seeing it
Then say “Punchbuggy, no punch back!”
Obviously to see the Herbie movie we needed to amend this game.
No Punching for the movie.
On our vacation, which was some 6000km of driving
We had the kids keep track on a clipboard all the Punchbuggies
In order to still have a shoulder.
After about 100 of them in the first week they gave up counting.
But it was fun as they called all the older bugs Herbies.
It’s always a good idea to count something on a long trip
It makes the time pass faster.
On a regular Toronto to Montreal trek we count certain trucks
You can guess what that stands for, but the G is a really bad green
Sometimes with kids in the vehicle the S will require amendment.

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