Tuesday, June 05, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Photocopiers are one of those things that are often mislabeled
Often called Xerox even if they’re made by Canon or perhaps LG
For some reason there are several varieties of these machines
Trays and spools and toner cartridges all in different places
Toner is probably the worst part of photocopiers
Putting it in turns you into a chimney sweep.
Covered from head to toe in black powder
Supposedly there’s an automatic button
It can figure out what paper size you want by what you insert
Or can it?
Pressing Auto button…
Which size? 11x17,Legal, or Letter?
I pressed AUTO!
This doesn’t appear to function accurately.
Now when it’s jammed it gives you fifteen locations to look for it.
And when you get to the fifteenth one, the paper is finally found.
To sum things up Photocopiers are stupid.
It doesn’t matter if you tell it what to do, it still asks.
It doesn’t matter if it’s jammed in one spot; it makes you check everywhere.
One day I hope these problems will be solved
Until then just hit the multiple copy button on your printer.Printers don’t turn you into a chimneysweep.


Anonymous said...

Our photocopiers tell you exactly where the jam is. To change their toner is so easy a monkey can do it. You must use an older analogue machine.

John Ross Harvey said...

It's very easy to say something
when you call yourself anonymous.
Maybe yours isn't a Canon.