Monday, June 18, 2007

Bring the Predators to Hamilton

By John Ross Harvey

Nashville is a great city
For Country Music
It is not a great city
For Hockey
Hamilton is a great city for Hockey
The FinCups, The Bulldogs,
Why not the Predators?
Why must an archaic regional boundary
Dictate where a team can or cannot play hockey?
New York, New York, and New Jersey
A whole lot closer than
Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo
So let it happen
Hamilton will support the team
Just check the season ticket sales so far
More than the Nashville team ever had
Keep the name, or change it
To the Hamilton Steelheads
It makes no difference.
Hamilton can and will support an NHL team.
Don’t deny it
Toronto and Buffalo will not lose fans
Toronto never could
Bring the team to Hamilton
Do the right thing.

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