Monday, June 18, 2007

Scratch Card Lotteries

By John Ross Harvey

With my birthday recently passed
And father’s day afterwards
I received a few scratch card lotto tickets
2 with “Price Is Right” games
Plinko and Mountain Climber
1 of those cards I missed out
On $75,000….TWICE!
Another card I had was Texas Hold’em
If your hand beats theirs
Combined with the river
You win
I thought I’d won on 2 games
1 for $500, 1 for $250,000
On closer inspection I did not
My $500 game my 2 Aces lost to a straight
Which wasn’t so apparent at first glance.
My $250,000 game I had a straight
It seemed the opponent had nothing
But it had a Flush
I was king of the Universe in one moment
And a mere speck the next
Do these cards ever win??????????

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