Tuesday, July 24, 2007


By John Ross Harvey

Good drivers have good driving habits
Signaling lane changes
Stopping at blocked intersections
Using headlights
Clearing snow
Bad drivers have bad driving habits
Never signaling
Always blocking intersections
Never using headlights
Never clearing snow
But people themselves had odd habits unrelated to driving.
Such as the following habits of mine:
Sandwiches (Grilled Cheese mostly) cut in rectangles, not triangles.
Eating junk food in multiples of 2, 2 cookies, 4 Smarties, 16 chips
It’s a little bit difficult to count Macaroni elbows, so I count spoonfuls.
Count bites into ice-cream bars like Fudgesicles, must be a multiple of 16.
Cutting food into even number of morsels (16)
A specific cut pattern for round food like pancakes and sausage patties.
No food is mixed unless I decide I like that mix,
So Broccoli and Beef are not mixed with rice when I eat a stir-fry
But I will gladly mix cranberries with my rice, just not while having broccoli
I will gladly pour Maple Syrup over sausages and bacon too.
My best fruit intake, and taste testing, is via alcoholic beverages
I would likely never eat a bowl of mixed mango, kiwi, lime, and pomegranate
But I’ll drink a cooler with that mix.
I gave up ketchup many years ago
I gave up salt many years ago, if its there I can’t do much about it, but I never add it.
I don’t drink coffee, but can manage cappuccino or iced caps.
I prefer tea, no sugar, just milk.
Gave up sugar adding ages ago too.
I prefer hot dogs plain, but barbequed or broiled, and well browned/burned and split.
Steaks must be medium-rare; I like the blood/juice melt-in mouth texture.
Eggs, for many years only hard-boiled would do, now I can handle scrambled
It was seeing them smothered in ketchup that turned me off for many years.
Fried is also good, but less runny, more hardened please.
So everybody has quirky habits
Usually associated with food
What are your habits?

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