Friday, September 21, 2007

Greek Gods

By John Ross Harvey

If we look at the genealogy of the Greek Gods
It is indeed strange
Zeus most people know of
Had relations with sisters, and cousins
Yet he was not the God at the top of the family tree
He was born from the Titans Chronos and Rhea
Brother to Poseidon, Hades, and Hestia
Relations with Sisters Hera and Demeter
Only Hestia was not an Olympian God
Sons from Hera were Ares and Hephaestus
Daughter from Hera was Hebe
Daughter Persephone from Demeter
Daughter Athena (unknown mother)
Relations with cousin Leto
Son Apollo and daughter Artemis
Relations with cousin Dione
Daughter Aphrodite
Relation with cousin Maia
Son Hermes who had relations
With daughter Aphrodite and his aunt Dryope sister of Maia
Relations with Alcmene
Son Heracles
Relations with Semelo
Had Dionysus
All his children Olympian Gods except Persephone and Heracles
Chronos and Rhea both Titans were brother and sister respectively
Brother Coeus and sister Phoebe had daughter Leto
Brother Hyperion was not a Titan
Iapetus also a Titan was father to Epimethus father of Dione
And father to Prometheus and Atlas
Oceanus and Tethys both Titans brother and sister respectively
Daughter Pleiane had relations with Atlas
They had daughters Maia, Dryope, Asterope, Calaeno, Electra, Atyone, and Taygate
The Pleiades sisters
Dryope and Hermes had son Pan
Aphrodite and Hermes had
Son Rhodes and
Daughters Tyche, Peitho, Eunomia and
Bi-gendered Hermaphroditus
Abderus was also a son to Hermes (mother unknown)
Three monsters were siblings to the Titans
Cyclopes were Male
Echidna was Female
Hecatonatchires was Unknown
Oceanus and Tethys also had son Inachus
Inachus had relations with Oceanus daughter Melia
They had Io who had
Relations with Zeus
Aside from them Oceanus and Tethys had 3000 sons and daughters
The Titans were children of Uranus
Brother to Pontus and Mountains
Son of Gaia and Tartarus
They being sister and brother respectively
To brother Eros and Erubus
And sister Nyx
Erubus and Nyx had
Son Aether and daughter Hemera
Erubus also had several children (mother unknown)
Daughters The Hesperides, The Keres and Fates, Nemesis,
Apate, Philotes, Ceras, and Eris
Sons Momus, Panos, Moros, Thanatos, and Hypnos
Brother Tarturus also had son Typhon
Tarturus, Gaia, Eros, Nyx, and Erubus were
The children of Chaos
Alcmene was sister to Licymnius
And daughter to Electryon
This above information according to sources on Wikepedia
Including the charts of each relationship
And this chart too
But if we are to believe they existed as beings on Earth
And many other deities of the Romans
And the Celtic deities of Ireland
What was Chaos?
Was Chaos the depths of Space and Time?
Were they extraterrestrial travelers?
How could Zeus have that many relations without
The ability to stay youthful?
Which according to Einstein’s Twin Paradox
Is possible by traveling through Space and Time
In breeding was apparently commonplace
Perhaps that created beings that were god-like
And since the Olympian gods were children of Titans
And Titans were the grandchildren to Chaos
Zeus was a great grandchild of Chaos
Is all life on earth the result of alien beings taking up residence?
How do we explain these things?
Perhaps we will never know
Perhaps science will explain them
And we will merely accept their findings
Because somewhere, somebody may be related to Zeus
If he isn’t still with us
Gene Simmons is a likely suspect

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