Monday, September 24, 2007

Lawn and Garden Vol. II

By John Ross Harvey

I have a house
It has a backyard
Which backs onto a backyard of a townhouse row
The townhouse unit directly behind
Is a single woman
Who is not much for yardwork
When we first had a yard, without fences
She had a weedkiller spray and went and sprayed
Each and every weed individually
When fences went up
Her neighbour cut her lawn
When her neighbour moved
She kind of gave up
Weeds took over and her lawn is nothing but
A little while ago a man helped her cut it down
And built a shed, presumably with yard equipment
Many of her weeds pass through my fence
I’ve uprooted many thistles recently
The other night she went to cut her lawn
With a weedwhacker
Because it’s still all weeds
Some people should really
Pave their backyards
It would save on weedkiller and weedwhacker fuel

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