Monday, November 19, 2007

Parked Car Etiquette

By John Ross Harvey

There are rules to parking
If in a driveway, do not block a sidewalk
If in a mall, use a parking space
Only use a designated space if you qualify
For that designation
If on a street, do not park at the intersection
Directly behind the stop sign
When you are parked on the street
And traffic is moving to get around you
Wait your turn to enter traffic
You should never start up and go
As vehicles on your left are likely
Only there because you parked on the right
And will most likely require that right lane
To turn from
I see this far too often at Starbuck’s at
Queen and Dovercourt in Toronto
They are parking illegally already
Then they simply continue from their illegal
Parking space
To annoy the traffic that is legally in the lanes
You have been given eyesight for a reason
Use it properlyDo not enter traffic without checking for clear access.

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