Monday, November 12, 2007

When To Turn On Headlights

By John Ross Harvey

Clue#1: The sky isn’t blue
Clue#2: It’s raining
Clue#3: It’s foggy
Clue#4: It’s dark out
Clue#5: You’re car is grey
Clue#6: You can’t see
Clue#7: Someone hit you…..too late!


bernie said...

I linked to you from The Art of Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Rosemary said...

You need to go to Haloscan so that you can have trackbacks if you want to use Linkfest, just to let you know. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rosemary's Thoughts says:

In the year 1620...

During that first winter, only 50 of the 110 people who had set forth had survived the winter. It was a horrible time. There was an Indian man, Squanto, who had been taken to Spain only to be sold to someone in England...he returned home at a time when there are people in need of him. You cannot tell me that God's hand was not upon him and upon the Pilgrims[...]

John Ross Harvey said...

that's very odd bernie

and thanks Rosemary