Thursday, June 26, 2008


By John Ross Harvey

Surplus Oil: Gas prices rise to prevent shortage
Oil Shortage: Gas prices rise because there is a shortage
Cold: Gas prices rise because temperature drops
Hot: Gas prices rise because temperature increases
Storms: Gas prices rise with impending threat of hurricanes
Nat. Disaster: Gas prices rise as storage facilities near hurricane regions
War: Gas prices rise due to conflicts in oil nations
Government: Gas prices rise due to tax hikes
Price War: Gas prices rise as competition strengthens
Strong $: Weakening US dollar forces gas prices to rise
Weak $: Weakening Cdn dollar forces gas prices to rise
Speculation: Lawyer speak for we had no real reason to raise gas prices
But we did it anyway

Gas prices are way out of hand, it used to be 50 cents a litre was high
Now it’s approaching $1.50, and some provinces are already above that.

Legislate gas prices to be 49.9 forever
And then maybe we’ll stop complaining about the prices.

It’s bad enough we can’t afford to eat anymore, and our VISA bills are climbing sky-high
It’s not like you can walk to work for 50km, and transit is just as costly as driving these days.

Do something about it Mr. Harper, the election hounds will be waiting to show you the door if you don’t.


Anonymous said...

Here's one for you to think about. Why is the price of gas in Calgary as, or even more, expensive than Toronto, when Alberta is producing so much? Sure Calgary pumps give a 3.5 cent discount from the price on display, but still, it's ridiculous out there too. And then you've got the carbon tax in BC pushing the price up to 1.50...

nerinossa said...

50, and some provinces are already above that