Thursday, September 25, 2008

Corporate Ladder

By John Ross Harvey

The higher up the chain you are
The more money you make
And the less you have to spend
You get expenses paid for
Trips, meals, car repairs, gasoline
The lower you are
The less you make
The more you spend
And owe
It’s an unending vicious cycle
So what if a giant lending firm is in trouble
Bleed it out of the execs that live off it
They’ve never paid for anything
Why should we keep paying them?
I have no sympathy for them
They are all millionaires or billionaires
My thousands barely last a day past a pay cheque.
Mortgage, groceries, gasoline, VISA
Taxes on top of everything
Billionaire execs write everything off
They get to keep their money
Why should I bail them out?
They can start to feel like us
There is only one solution to
The global financial crisis
I may be the only one with the correct answer
To know, you must buy my book
World Peace – A Novel
Until you understand I’m right
We will continue to suffer in debt for eternity.

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