Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Perpetual Motion

By John Ross Harvey

The problem with combustion engines
Is they have intake and exhaust
Electrics require batteries
No movement when fuel burns with combustion
No movement when batteries drain on electrics
So how can you improve on this?
Make something that intakes and exhausts the same product!
What could that possibly be?
Not water, water produces steam as exhaust
Not hydrogen, hydrogen produces water as exhaust
Obviously not gasoline
We know electric cannot store infinitely on batteries
So what’s left?
Run an engine that intakes and exhausts itself with air
Pure Nitrogen, Oxygen based ordinary earth air
Not compressed air in a hose
(This has been done, Tata got the contract.)
The engine will emulate what a certain submarine movie called
A caterpillar drive
Once in motion, it can maintain motion, and stay silent
Problem is getting into motion
A jumpstart is still required
So come on engineering students of the world.
Build me a car that runs on earth base air, and doesn’t need a push.
No more $1.26.9 gas prices
Just drive in the open air.
It can be done.
I want credit for the idea though.

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