Tuesday, November 04, 2008

USA Election 2008

By John Ross Harvey

Americans head to the polls today
Maybe about 24% of them
If we’re lucky
Of that 24% they will probably vote mostly for one party
Yet their vote is insignificant
Because they only count
Electoral college votes
Some moneybags with a priority over a common citizen
With the privilege of deciding their country’s fate
Regardless of what everyone else voted.
This system makes no sense, should be abolished
And quite frankly kept Bush in power for 8 years
Canadians wouldn’t have kept him
Why do 25 people in California decide for millions?
There is no logic to that.

12:32 pm Eastern time I declare Obama to win.

1 comment:

WEF said...

A bit more than 24% turnout. Much as we Canajuns love to bash the superpower, there are aspects of their political system that's better than ours (elected senate rather than appointed for example). Contrariwise, the method for counting votes to get the president down there is a bit dumb.

On a related issue, here's a site that might surprise you and make good fodder for the next blog entry :-)