Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pole Position Syndrome

By John Ross Harvey

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some individuals
Have a serious problem
With being behind anyone
Regardless of where they are going.
They will drive behind you in a right hand lane
Pull ahead of you in the left lane
And immediately turn to the right
At the next intersection or interchange.
What possible purpose does this serve?
I knew you were stupid before you did that.
Why highlight the fact?
The incessant need to be in front of the next guy
Must be Pole Position Syndrome.
I cannot function unless nobody is in front of me?
For race drivers this may be a good thing
As it helps their teams win races
But for the average motorist on the city streets
It does nothing but prove a lack of intelligence.
The world will be a better place
If the PPS infected individuals take a deep breath
And actually turn right, while still behind you.

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